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What is human nature, and what does our culture say is human nature?

Join the Cutting Edge: CULTURAL PIONEERS!


Every single thing humans make starts with a “cutting edge”: textiles, baskets, carved wooden tools, and even cultural ideologies all begin with a cutting edge. Join the growing number of cultural pioneers who are learning to be human again at the “cutting edge” of social innovation, ready to venture into unknown territories of new ideologies!

Cultural pioneers, like many of our predecessors, recognize that something is out of balance. Yet unlike the pioneers in our history books who sought better lives through owning new lands and making new laws, cultural pioneers seek better lives through changing their values and beliefs to create an experience of greater joy, well-being, and companionship. Are you ready to become a cultural pioneer? Check out our Cooperative Living Immersion or take our quiz.

Why would I want to live the kind of life where my reward is to escape from it?” – Cal Efort

Listen here to the “I Wish” Declaration:

See the video below to hear what “learning to be human again” means:
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