Budget for the Cooperative Living Immersion

Budget for Bridgers Immersion Experience
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Why do the Bridgers want monetary donations if they represent a new values system?

($1,000,000 Total)

$30,000Recruiting and interviewing participants for 3 months ($10,000/month for advertising in alternative magazines, internet, tabling at events, setting up booths, online social media)

$60,000Setup for 3 months ($30,000 to renovate housing, $24,000 for permits and insurance, $6000 to line up support staff – cooks, cleaners, instructors, mentors, etc)

$230,000Housing: rent or purchase an apartment complex, church, or other high-capacity structure

$90,000Operating Budget for 1 year ($12,000 insurance, and $78,000 for food, clothes, tools, bills, etc)

$300,000Salaries for 10 contracted instructors and staff at $30,000/year each (head cook, nurse, music instructor, gardening instructor, energy and movement instructor, grief counselor, etc)

$200,000Filming: hiring camera crew to film, produce, and edit the documentary

$90,000Unforeseen expenses

$1,000,000 Total Funding