What is The Bridge?

The Bridge: Learning to Be Human Again

Why would I want to live the kind of life in which my reward is to escape from it?” – Cal Efort

The Bridge is a set of ideas for us to apply in daily life in hopes of generating a more balanced, harmonious, and joy-filled experience individually and collectively. Authors like Daniel Quinn, Thomas Hartmann, and Charles Eisenstein have illustrated beautifully how our culture got off track. Anyone touched by Ishmael, The Story of B, or The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible will appreciate The Bridge as a natural next step forward, boldly offering a re-telling of our most basic stories about what it means to be human as well as a full set of tools that can be applied immediately to re-shape our lives around the new story. It is a road-map for anyone who seeks a more fulfilling experience, showing steps we can take to shift the primary purpose of our personal lives as well as our whole culture away from competition and individual accumulation and toward cooperation and personal growth.

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We are creative participants in the world, shaping it at the same time we are shaped by it.

Our perspectives and beliefs affect our actions, and the outcomes of our actions affect the quality of our experience.

We can test out different ways of thinking and acting and observe how they affect our experience and the world around us. We can also help each other in this process.

Let’s approach contemporary social and environmental crises as an incredible opportunity to play an active role in creating a culture based upon valuing self-care, emotional growth, and appreciating the process of everything we do!

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