Cooperative Living Program

Learning to be Human Again
A year-long residential cooperative living program that will be made into a documentary.

Skills and Workshops Offered in the Program

Ancestral Skills Homesteading Movement and Body Arts Spiritual and Emotional Healing Health, Wellness, and Natural Medicine Cooperative Living Skills
Basketweaving Spinning, Weaving, and Natural Dyes Therapeutic Yoga and Structural Alignment How to Get Grounded and stay even-keel Optimal Sleep and Insightful Dreaming Living abundantly on a small budget with many people
Flintknapping Cheese and Yogurt making Transformational Voice Training Healthy Boundaries Balanced Nutrition Mirroring for each other
Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Pickling, Canning, Jam-making, Wine-making Therapeutic Dance, Partner dance, folk dance Processing Grief and Trauma Stewarding your energy levels Responding without Reacting
Tracking Gardening Martial Arts Building Self Worth Balanced Exercise Effective Communication
Friction Fire Fence-building Conscious Breathing Re-framing Stories of Victimization Harvesting, Making and Using Herbal Medicines Cooperative Games and Trust-building
Hide-tanning and Buckskin Sewing Construction and Remodeling Calisthenics How to Hold Safe Space Healing from Addiction Creating “Tribe”: Cooperative vs. Collaborative
Learning how to learn on your own Animal Husbandry Healing Touch Co-creating Rituals to Mark Growth Processes Getting in touch with body rhythms and needs Valuing people and process over possession and production
Butchering Relaxation Techniques Practicing Gratitude and Acceptance Preventative Medicine
Harvesting, splitting, and curing firewood Astrology for Self-Actualization
Pattern-making Sewing
Cooking and Baking


Documentary Trailer:

Have you ever imagined there might be a simpler, more holistic/wholesome way to live?  What if the law of nature is not simply survival of the fittest but rather a balance of cooperative compromise amongst species which promotes biodiversity and supports the life of all beings?  Could it be in our nature as humans to also follow these laws?

Imagine a world in which people work 2-3 hours per day to get their basic needs met. The rest of their energy is used for play and to support each other to become self-assured, generous, and wise human beings.  Imagine that the top priority and reason for living is to support each other to mature emotionally through ceremony, ritual, mentoring relationships, and rites of passage.

Join us as we attempt to glean the wisdom of the past and support people to grow from individuals competing for morsels into a mutually supportive/interdependent whole/family/”tribe” sharing a feast. Twenty people from our stressed out and emotionally challenged modern culture learn to nurture themselves and each other over the course of a year, attempting to find harmony and maturity externally and internally.

Help us make this happen!  See our casting call to participate.  If you like the idea and want to support us, please donate to the Bridgers or email us at


(What we need to make it happen):
Donations to cover the costs of website development, infrastructure, staffing, tools, food, etc.
– 20 paying participants (see below)
– A donor who will lease us a space: an old church, apartment building, or cluster of small buildings we could rent and renovate for our year-long program
– Filmmakers and television professionals interested in doing some pro-bono work to gain experience

Click here to see a full budget for the Immersion Experience