“Value People in the Workplace”

Value People in the Workplace

Because it is hard to live completely without money in our culture, many people find it necessary to work for money to pay for their basic needs. Working solely for the sake of possessions/power/security is dry and unsatisfying and you find yourself watching the clock and praying the minutes will fly faster until you are “free” again. School can be like this too. (A good measure of happiness is to ask yourself how much of your life you spend wishing the clock would tick faster, waiting for a time in the future when you can be happy.) However, even in our current culture a job can also be looked at as an opportunity to spend time with other co-creators (people) and a chance to enrich your life with the people around you at work. A wonderful boss or fun coworker can make the time spent in servitude so much more enjoyable. Choose carefully who you work for and who you work with, because the people you spend large amounts of time with set the tone for your experiences on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you are doing your own bread labor or building someone else’s dream, it is the quality of the interactions while working which matters most. That is why it is important to work an appropriate amount of hours in the day – even great co-workers can’t make up for the total exhaustion you feel when working ten hours at a stretch day after day. Four hours is a good place to start if you don’t know what is appropriate for your physiology. This daily work ensures that your muscles remain strong and you stay healthy. Beyond that, there are social and emotional aspects to work as well. Through work, you get some outside interactions every day. The quality of these interactions matters tremendously. A day spent building a deck for a very grateful person who brings tea and appreciates the effort is very rewarding, but a day spent building a deck for a dissatisfied and ungrateful employer is very draining and emotionally upsetting. When seeking work, remember to prioritize people and choose to work with people whose company you enjoy.

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