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Learning to be Human Again
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Have you ever imagined there might be a simpler, more holistic/wholesome way to live?  What if the law of nature is not simply survival of the fittest but rather a balance of cooperative compromise amongst species which promotes biodiversity and supports the life of all beings?  Could it be in our nature as humans to also follow these laws?

For the majority of our history, humans worked 2-3 hours per day to get our basic needs met. The rest of our time was used for play and to support each other to become self-assured, generous, and wise human beings. For hundreds of thousands of years, across diverse regions and cultures, ancestral peoples made it a top priority to support each other to mature emotionally through ceremony, ritual, mentoring relationships, and rites of passage. Given this history, why do so many people in modern times feel lost, disconnected, stressed out, and exhausted, despite the surplus of technologies and devices designed to make life easier?

Join us as we attempt to apply the wisdom of the past and support people to grow from individuals competing for morsels into a mutually supportive, interdependent “tribe” sharing a feast. Twenty people from our stressed out and emotionally challenged modern culture learn to nurture themselves and each other over the course of a year, attempting to find harmony and maturity externally and internally.

Help us make this happen!  We need your support to make this vision real!

(What we need to make it happen):
Donations to cover the costs of website development, infrastructure, staffing, tools, food, etc. (email us for a full estimated program budget – bridgersinfo@gmail.com)
– 20 participants (see below)
– A Space: an old church, apartment building, or cluster of small buildings we could rent and renovate for our year-long program
– Filmmakers and television professionals interested in working on this project
– Publicity (to draw attention to it for casting)


You are invited to participate in a
based on the idea that
emotionally stable and rested people will act more kindly to each other and the earth. 

This year-long residential event will focus on:

  • A balance between working and resting
  • A simple and nutritious diet
  • A daily regimen of exercise and stretching
  • Group interactive philosophy discussions
  • Supporting each individual’s personal growth and ability to collaborate with others

Daily instruction will include: gardening, ancestral technologies (basketry, firemaking, hide-tanning, etc), music and dance, cooking, meditation and breath work, and awareness through movement and exercise.

This experiment is intended to facilitate a shift toward a new cultural paradigm focused on personal empowerment and cooperative living, so that we may find value and worth through internal strength and balance instead of external beauty, possessions, or accomplishments.

The hope is that graduates can leave the program with the awareness, emotional and interpersonal skills, and lifestyle habits necessary to organize small communities and start small businesses while being good examples of emotionally mature behavior and balanced living.

Apply here

If you are interested in participating in, supporting, or funding this kind of program, please contact us!  bridgersinfo@gmail.com